Healthylicious Diwali ❤

Deepavali, whose literal meaning translates as ‘a row of lights’ is an awaited Festival across India and even across the Globe. Diwali is not only significant because of its massive popularity and brilliant displays of fireworks but also as it symbolizes the victory of light over darkness, of good over evil, and of knowledge over ignorance. Wisdom and Good health, love, and Good luck are all synonymous with the Festive Season. On this day, diyas, candles, and lamps are placed all around the house, to ‘light’ the way to knowledge and victory.

The celebration of Diwali also serves as a cleansing ritual, one that signifies letting go of all of the past year’s difficulties and troubles and stepping into the light. In the days leading up to Diwali, families get together to clean, renovate and decorate their respective households and workplaces with rangolis and diyas and this marks the Onset of the Festival in many ways. Diwali marks the onset of winter and the beginning of all things new, both in nature and humanity.

Has your Festive Cleansing ritual Set In?

Festival Binge- eating and delicious food on Diwali and Gorgeous sweets one tends to indulge, eat traditional sweets and junk at the same time.

It is important to stay healthy and be fit during this Festive time:)
We at OneLife India envisage a Healthylicious Diwali for you and here are some tips from us:-

  • Keep yourself hydrated and drink plenty of water or lime water, green tea, coconut water, we also have a range of Herbal Teas at OneLife to soothe and ease digestion and relieve hard times.
  • Secondly, we also say that one must not skip a workout and exercise routine and keep up the momentum.
  • We recommend balancing your sweet intake with Home workouts at the easiest to prevent unnecessary weight gain.

Diwali comes once a year and food is one way that connects friends and families in a memorable way. The sweets and snacks made during Diwali have a special place in your heart but remember not to let it ruin a year-long hard work, and our motto of staying fit is also taken care of!

The Pandemic this year has made it a very #MaskwaliDiwali for us and we have realized that Health and Immunity are our true wealth. Today so many people are wearing their masks in the wrong way and it’s important to spread awareness that it’s Imperative to be safe and wear the Mask in the right way! Our Immunity is our Real Hero and we at OneLife have launched our very own ImmuneTBoostr to safeguard our Immunity.

We at OneLife are running a Campaign for envisaging the same with #WhozTakingcareofyou🙂

Our idea is for you to make a funny video, wherein you are nominating five of your friends to do this challenge after you and asking them to nominate five more people to do this challenge and henceforth.

During the video, we would like you to show us ways how people should NOT wear a mask in a funny way.

We urge and insist you all to be with us and help spread awareness of this crucial cause of wearing our Masks in the right way & lets together safeguard our Immunity.

Are you Taking Care of Yourselves?

Are you Having a Healthylicious Diwali?

Thanks for reading and share your views with us over at and tell us what you Feel.

Ankita G Tikare.

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                                                         Wishes for Diwali from us at OneLife India.

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                                             ImmuneTBoostr from us at OneLife India.

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