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This is a flagship healthcare brand of Onelife Nutri Sciences Pvt. Ltd. The brand believes in the strength of nature and believes in holistic lifestyle changes to improve our overall well-being. The article gives an overview of the supplement and healthcare products of the brand, and helps you select the best out of the best!

At present, Onelife has got 70 plus scientifically researched products across Wellness, Sports Nutrition, FMCG, Organic, Superfoods, and Beauty. Brand’s Founder and CEO, Mr. Gaurav Aggarwal comes from a family business called Lasons India Pvt. Ltd. which ranks in the world’s top 3 manufacturers of Vitamin B3 and specialty chemicals from India since 1979 with exports to more than 100 countries!

The company takes pride in following all regulations and dietary guidelines. It is evident that all the products they produce have passed multiple tests and have been certified by various regulatory bodies of India and abroad. So when it comes to quality, Onelife is at par and above. There are very few healthcare product brands in India that can be trusted for their quality and OneLife India is one of them.

The company lives by the motto that we have got Onelife and we must live it right. Hence, the right kind of healthcare products and supplements support us in changing our lifestyles.

Health supplements range from Antioxidants, Beauty, Bone/Joint Health, Kid’s Health, Heart Health, Multivitamins, Specialty Products, Sports Nutrition, and even Stamina Boosters. In the sports nutrition section, some of the popular products are Onelife 100% Whey Protein Isolate which supports lean mass gain and muscle recovery; Onelife Mass Gainer for lean mass and muscle gain; Onelife BCAA which supports muscle growth & recovery while replenishing electrolytes; Onelife Glutamine Green Apple Flavor Powder helps post-workout recovery; Onelife L-Arginine is Nitric Oxide Booster and Onelife ZMA supports sports recovery which also acts as a stamina booster. Onelife Ginseng Complex helps in stress relief and Onelife Testo Fuel is the brand’s ace stamina booster.

The Multivitamins  Product range covers multivitamins for Men and Women as per their age groups and Needs separately. These power-packed multivitamins are a necessity in these testing times when the whole world is passing through a phase of a pandemic outbreak. Our immune system is the only wall which can fight off any kind of virus or bacteria and protect us so it becomes elementary for us to make it stronger with the use of multivitamins because our daily food intake or quality of food pushes down its real nutritive value and these multivitamins make up for the loss of nutrients from our daily food intake.

When we are talking of Immunity, Onelife has come up with an interesting range of Immunity boosters which include a powerful range of Herbal Teas with the goodness of Green Tea, Tulsi, Ginger, Cinnamon, Lemongrass, and Hibiscus, etc. available in different combinations. Our favorite of the lot is Onelife ImmuneT Boostr with 12 powerful immunity boosters: Garlic, Echinacea, Elderberry, Guduchi, Tulsi, Ashwagandha topped with vitamins – A, C, D2, Zinc, and Magnesium!

Onelife Gut Pro-Active improves your digestive health and strengthens your gut immunity. It is Vegan and GMO-free. Similarly to load you up with extra power to face testing life-changing conditions there are Onelife Super veggies Instant Powder, Onelife Super greens Instant Powder, and Onelife Wheatgrass Instant Powder. Looking after your health with herbs and natural extracts is the specialty of Onelife Products. The new range of products on immunity with Onelife is path-breaking and innovative, bringing the strength of nature to you and arming you with all necessary ammunition to fight off illness-causing viruses and bacteria.

The range of thoughtful pure products inspired by nature gives Onelife an edge over other supplements in the Indian market.

Well, as the brand says – “Trust Us to Believe Us”;

we would say, “Use Onelife to Live it Right!”

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