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Everyday Plant Protein, 250g (Raw Mango Flavor, Protein 15g, 3g BCAA, No Added Sugar )

Improves Strength & Energy

Easy To Digest

Boosts Immunity


How to use

Energize Your Everyday!

A unique blend of moong, brown rice and pea proteins. It provides you 15g plant based protein and a complete amino acid profile, with low carbs and no added sugar. 


SHAKE . DRINK . ENERGIZE - Mix one scoop (23g) in 100-200ml of milk/water/smoothies/any beverage of choice. Shake well and consume OR Substitute flour in your favorite baking recipes.

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Regular price ₹703.36
Regular price ₹1,099.00 Sale price ₹703.36 36% ( 36% )
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Eligible for?


No Banned Substance

No Added Sugar

Gluten Free

Soy Free

Improves Energy Levels

Strengthens Immunity

Low In Carbohydrates

Contains Vitamins and Minerals

Brown Rice Protein

Pea Protein

Moong Protein

Mix one scoop (23g) in 100-200ml of milk/water/smoothies/any beverage of choice

Shake well to dissolve the powder for no lumps

Drink up, and recharge yourself to energise the day!

Why choose Plant based proteins?

Plant-based supplements include ingredients only from plant sources, which omits all animal based products. It is friendly for lactose, gluten and dairy intolerants. It is advisable to fulfil your daily protein requirements with the help of a balanced meal combined with a protein supplement.

Who can consume it?

Athletes, Fitness enthusiasts, Bodybuilders or those leading an active lifestyle. Those who want to maintain general well-being. Those who want to help fulfill daily protein intake. Those leading a hectic, stressful and busy lifestyle. Those who wants to enhance immunity

How is Plant Protein different from Whey Protein?

Plant-based proteins is formulated using vegan ingredients where as whey proteins is extracted from cow or buffalo milk. Plant-protein is safe for lactose and gluten intolerant.

Can plant protein be consumed by anyone who is not into bodybuilding or high intensity training?

Protein plays multiple roles in our body. Hectic lifestyle makes it difficult to consume required proteins from diet only. Plant protein supplement helps you to achieve daily protein requirement.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews


Amazing taste for a vegan protein

I just hope all the ingredients continue to be top quality as the taste and texture definitely are almost in hard to believe sort of quality.

Like the taste

Very good product. Great value for money.I don't experience the fatigue I used to feel at the end of each day

One life just have this 💪

Really amazing product to have after ur workout blend in second and love the taste ..


Tried my hands on a vegan protein for the first time and the experience was much better than my expectations.Would recommend making a smoothie out of it for better taste profile. It is quite filling Hoping for more flavours in the subsequent launches. 👍🏼