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Mega 3X - Triple Strength Fish Oil Soft Gels

Improves Lipid Profile

Reduces Chronic Inflammation

Beneficial for Heart Health


How to use

Omega - 3 right in a capsule.

Mega 3X is powered by the goodness of omega - 3 fatty acids which are crucial for your physical and mental development. It supports heart health and keeps your skin glowing!

For adults, take one soft gel daily, preferably with a meal or as suggested by a healthcare professional.

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Regular price ₹550.00
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Eligible for?

No Fishy Burps Post-Consumption


No Binders & Fillers


Supports Heart Health

Support Joint Health

Supports Brain Function

Molecularly Distilled and Ultra Pure

Peruvian Anchovy Fish Oil

Peruvian anchovy has some of the highest concentrations of EPA and DHA polyunsaturated fatty acids of any fish species.

For adults, it is suggested to take one soft gel daily

Take this capsule preferably with a meal

Or as suggested by a healthcare professional

Who can consume this product?

Males and females above the age of 25 can consume. Those who have poor heart, skin and joint health can also consume Mega 3X.

What’s the difference between Onelife Mega One & Mega 3X?

Mega 3X has double amount of Omega essential fatty acids than Mega One.

How does it help the body?

Omega fatty acids play role in hormone regulation, inflammation and immunity. The one who has major health issue require more quantity than allowed to bring back health.

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