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Muscle Builder Combo :- Mass Gainer 3Kg + BCAA Green Apple 250g + L-Arginine 60 Tablets + L-Glutamine 250g

Muscle gain

Enhances strength

Enhances muscle recovery


Do you want to build a muscular physique? This combo is the perfect choice to reach your fitness goals.

Stay healthy, Stay fit.!!

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Regular price ₹4,262.00
Regular price ₹8,196.00 Sale price ₹4,262.00 48% ( 48% )
You save: ₹3,934.00 ( 48% )
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GMO Free

Gluten free

Soy free


No banned substances

Ideal Protein To Carbohydrate Ratio (1:3.5)

Faster Recovery, Strength & Performance

Boost Immunity

5 Protein Sources

Muscle Recovery

Supports Muscular Energy


Decrease Muscle Soreness

Reduces Muscle Soreness and Fatigue

Muscle Strength and Recovery

Boosts Immunity

Improves Immune Functions

Supports Heart Health

Reduces Fatigue

Muscle Pump

Blood Circulation

Why is 1:3.5 an ideal Protein to Carb Ratio?

A 1:3.5 ratio of protein to carbohydrate supports lean mass gain without excess fat gain. It gives extra calories required for bulking up.

How does BCAA assist in muscle recovery ?

Onelife BCAA helps in increasing your strength and reduces fatigue, which can help you perform at a higher intensity level for a longer time. Electrolytes will have added benefits, they may not cause the crash effect associated with other products on the market.

Who can consume Onelife L-Arginine?

Fitness enthusiasts, athletes, body builders and heavy weight- lifters.

What is L-Glutamine?

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the blood and in muscle cells. Our body is capable of manufacturing enough to meet its metabolic needs. Athletes and bodybuilders require more glutamine than required as the level depletes during the intense workout.

Customer Reviews

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Ronald Sharma
Poor product

The post workout powder has caught moisture it has lumps of powder in it pathetic quality