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She's Beautiful Combo - Marine Collagen + SleepTight + Curcumin + Coconut Oil


Joint Support

Reduces Stress & Anxiety


All the products in this combo will enhance your inner and outer beauty. It will improve your skin health, fight infection and inflammation, provide essential nutrients that rejuvenate you.
Get your skin glowing!!

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Regular price ₹2,880.24
Regular price ₹6,546.00 Sale price ₹2,880.24 56% ( 56% )
You save: ₹3,665.76 ( 56% )
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GMO Free

Gluten Free

Soy Free


Scientifically Studied

Skin Glow

Hair Texture

Joint Health

Anti- Ageing

Boost immunity



Wound Healing

Moisturiser for Skin and Hair

Improves dental health

100% Natural, Pure Cold Pressed

Boosts Immunity

Helps in Weight Management

One Oil Multiple Benefits

What is collagen? When should I start taking collagen?

Collagen can be found within skin, muscles, ligaments and blood vessels. Collagen production in the body is reduced naturally around the age of 25 to 30 years. External factors such as pollution, sunlight, diet and addictions disturb natural collagen production in the body. One whose skin and joint health is not up to the mark can start taking this product.

Why do I need to take melatonin?

If you are facing issue of insomnia, irregular sleep cycles and waking up in the middle of night, Onelife Sleep Tight is your saviour.

How does virgin coconut oil help my skin and hair?

Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties of virgin coconut oil make it best natural moisturizer for skin and a dry scalp. It is also provide nourishment to skin and hair.

How to take Curcumin capsules?

For adults take two capsules daily preferably with a meal or as suggested by your healthcare professional.

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